The Sorceress - Waterhouse

I don't know, it's a mystery.
The Sorceress - Waterhouse
This journal is for my own amusement, the amusement of my friends and the amusement of any others who share my interests. If you do not fit any of those categories, please address complaints elsewhere.

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Cuz apparently I don't have a fic/vid sticky post, silly me.
The Sorceress - Waterhouse
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The Sorceress - Waterhouse

Welcome to my journal.  It contains, in no particular order, the following:

TV Fandom stuff: Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, others subject to change without notice.
Original PoetryMemes.  Goofiness.  Sarcasm.  Random recs for fic, etc.  Cursing, including, but not limited to, excessive use of four-letter words.

This journal is for my own amusement, the amusement of my friends and the amusement of any others who share my interests.  If you do not fit any of those categories, please address complaints to the main office
Friend if you wish.  If you want to be friended back, comment to this post (comments are screened.)
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Fic listing, etc.
Who's flying this thing - Firefly
Really for my own convenience, not that there's so much that needs organizing.  Listed by fandom, then by date of posting.

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Dear Yuletide Writer
The Sorceress - Waterhouse
Dear Yuletide Writer,

In general, I'm fine with slash, etc., but the fandoms I've selected this year have some caveats, so please note where I've specifically requested no underage/slash/incest/non-con.

All of these fandoms have families, born or chosen or found, and that seems to be where my requests are focusing. I don't have any agenda, so do what you will with that information.

Safe (2012)
Mei (Safe), Luke Wright

Please no underage/non-con. Other characters welcome. Scenes set before or during the movie are great, and a post-movie "what they did on their summer vacation/road trip" story would be fantastic :)

Brother Cadfael - Ellis Peters
Brother Cadfael, Olivier de Bretagne

Please no slash/incest. Cadfael and Olivier have to learn each other. How does this happen? Other characters welcome.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Kat Stratford, Patrick Verona, Bianca Stratford

Please no incest/non-con. What happens when Bianca gets ready to go to college? Where are Patrick and Kat by then? Other characters welcome.

DEAR Festividder
The Sorceress - Waterhouse
Hello, dear Festividder!  I'd like to start out by saying that I love all these fandoms, and will be thrilled with anything in any of them.  Feel free to completely disregard my prompts if you come up with a fantastic idea.

Charade (1963) 
  • I'd adore anything, but especially something that showcased the layers of scheming and plotting going on.
  • Also, Regina is awesome, lots of Regina.

Clue (1985) 
  • Why are they always running?  
  • Or, Wadsworth's explanations can be more confusing than the movie.  Discuss.

  • why Radar is the best.
  • Alternately, love and friendship in a M*A*S*H* unit.  Feel free to interpret that however you like.

Men In Black series
  • K and J
  • Secrets and lies.  MIB has them.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail 
  • Sir Lancelot's quest, whatever that is.
  • This movie really should be labelled a musical.  Discuss.

Predators (2010)
  • Who is Royce? How did he become a predator?
  • If you're feeling adventurous, what character(s) from another movie/TV show SHOULD have been included in Predators?
Red (2010) 
  • Victoria
  • Or anything really.  I love all the "good" characters, and Cooper definitely has his moments as well.

  • anything, really, but if someone wanted to compare/contrast Sneakers vs. Leverage, that'd be, well, BEST PRESENT EVER.

Vividcon Premiere - Take a Shot for You
The Sorceress - Waterhouse
Take a Shot for You

Premiered in Vids that Go Bump In The Night
Source: Multi - Zombies
Song: Apologize, OneRepublic
Length: 3:26
Warnings: Oh, the gore. and the feels.

Streaming here on AO3 (sources listed)

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The Sorceress - Waterhouse

I don't know if my TWO wonderful stories were written by the same or different authors, but they are just amazing. I love them to pieces.

Story A: (in alphabetical order by fandom)

Impossible Things (Alice in Wonderland 2010)

Impossible Things is about Alice Kingsleigh and her granddaughter, Alice. Original Alice carefully fosters her own daughter and granddaughter in the lessons she learned in Underland. I love how granddaughter Alice carefully applies the lessons learned from original Alice. And I love that the White Queen is still never late for tea.

Story B:

The Laying on of Hands (The Saint 1997)

The Laying on of Hands takes us into the growing relationship between Emma Russell and Simon (and his other saints). Although Martin De Porres is the most visible (most flexible?) of Simon's visages, we're given an insider's view of Simon's growing trust of Emma, and her acceptance of his selves. I adore this romance of love and trust.

Letters to Pegasus and Back. (PG | SGA + surprise crossover)
Wraith - Horatio Wraith
Title: Letters to Pegasus and Back.  for apocalyptothon  2009.
Author: [info]lyonie17
Recipient: [info]perryvic
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis + surprise crossover
Rating: PG
Spoilers (if applicable): Tried to keep it AU for all fandoms concerned, but assume you are up to date in said fandoms.
Warnings (if applicable): Sarcasm. Stretched logic.
Rodney starts emailing strangers in an attempt to find a Wraith solution. See who writes back!

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MIA. Also, bullet points.
The Sorceress - Waterhouse
I have been very lax in fanlife recently.  My apologies.  My upcoming nuptials distract me somewhat.  *snerk*

  • I have signed up for [info]apocalyptothon , and LOVE my assignment.  *snuggles death and destruction*
  • I'm not dead yet.  I'm getting better.
  • If something amazing happens, I'll try to find out, but I don't promise more than skip 500.
  • I HAZ A DREAMWIDTH.  Sometime later, I'll likely migrate my posts over there, but that's a post-marital project.
  • STAR TREK RULZ.  all the pretty trek babies.  Apparently somebody called it Hunks in Space.  They weren't wrong.
  • Another bullet point.
  • Can't wait for Terminator, Year One, Transformers, Night at the Museum, Harry Potter, etc.
  • That's All, Folks.


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